Koolie People are a special breed because...............
They are non judgmental about your dog's colour, size, or
even breed for that matter.
They can talk for hours about their dogs, regardless whether
the dog is a working or companion dog.
Their dogs work long hours running about but then are able to
settle down for a nice sleep in your chair and they consider
this normal.
They speak in terms of family, owners become grandparents
when their dog/bitch sires/whelps a litter.  Pups become
brothers and sisters.
They think nothing of travelling and even staying overnight to
attend meetings.
They are happy to promote the breed for the RIGHT reasons
but without creating a "flavour of the month" dog.
They think nothing of helping you with an issue, regardless
who you are or what dog you have.
They seriously love their dogs and yet allow them the
freedom afforded by their traits.
They are the nicest, most accepting and friendliest people,
which in this day and age is a very rare thing.
by Sue Hatton
and Lawson