One of the main reasons that the Koolie Club of Australia was formed, was to put like minded people in touch with each other.  People who have a love for this wonderful breed.  Everyone has their own reasons and experiences that have bought them to not only owning and sharing their lives with a  Koolie, but loving them and wanting to share their experiences with people who understand what that experience has meant.  We realize these dogs are special, but it is not until we have a chance to swap stories and relate anecdotes that we can see it's not just our own Koolie that is special, but the whole breed.Here we plan to present stories, poems, anecdotes and tidbits about Koolies, by Koolie owners in an attempt to share the joy of Koolies with the unknowing and the faithful.

If you have something to share about Koolies, PLEASE submit it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or C/o RMB 7696 Echuca Vic. 3564 Australia.  If you don't feel overly confident writing, do your best and we will gladly put some polish to it. Understand we are all in this together to share and enjoy - we do not expect a great grasp of the English language or perfect punctuation.  This website is put together by Koolie people for Koolie people and we are sure it is far from perfect in literacy skills.  Photos are also most welcome with your piece.