Notify the Club Registrar of your litter of pups (per litter)



Notification to the Koolie Club of Australia of the birth of a litter.  Fee $5.

By notifying the birth of your litter an announcement will be placed in the next club newsletter and posted on the club Facebook page. Litters cannot be advertised on the Facebook page unless they have been notified.

Also all puppies registered from a notified litter can be registered at the reduced rate of $5 each.  

A litter notification does not mean a puppy is registered, they must all be registered individually.

Your stud prefix, which the puppies will be registered with.

Breeders Name (prefix owner)

Lodging your litter notification, beside reducing the registration fee to $5, means we can make details of your litter public where people looking for a new puppy can make contact with you.  We can list in our next newsletter, post on the club Facebook page, or offer your details to people enquiring from the club as to where they can purchase. You can choose one or all, or choose for us to not make details available.