The Koolie Club of Australia Inc. currently has over 250 members across Australia and welcomes members from the USA,  New Zealand, The Netherlands and Germany to its ranks as well.  Our members range from several breeders with over 40 years experience breeding working Koolies, many with 15 or 20 years, through to people who have just found Koolies. Our past Patron Mr. Frank Kelm, who passed away in 2010 had over 50 years experience working and breeding Koolies, his reputation and dogs are known all over Australia.


All are welcome - our intention is to enjoy good company, learn from each other and keep an open mind to the ideas of others. 


We do not tell people how to breed their dogs, we give our members credit for knowing what they want to achieve to suit their own situation, but we are here to offer suggestions or assistance if inexperienced or experienced breeders feel they need some advice or ideas.  For this reason we have not laid down a 'breed standard' at this time as we accept that the different styles of Koolies suit the many and varied jobs they undertake. We also feel that we need to give the breed time to evolve a little before trying to mould the physical attributes to a 'standard'.  It is however necessary for breeders to aim to improve their lines from each breeding. The commitment and expense of breeding deserves to bring a positive outcome. To assist breeders and purchasers to achieve their goals we have adopted a guide call the "The Koolie Fundamentals" which describes clearly the points of a structurally sound working Koolie.


Although Koolies have been around since the 1800's this is the first register and after 10 years and 760+ registrations it is still in it's infancy, time will see breeding within the gene pool evolve a style and size of koolie most suited to today and maybe then  we can consider a 'standard'. 

One thing we have come to realize is that Koolies all have a wonderful personality, temperament and will to work and it is our main aim to retain these attributes in our breed. 


We understand and accept that not all Koolies are suited to all situations, but we do our best to place appropriate dogs in appropriate homes, not all our members need a red hot working dog, but are happy living with the wonderful personality and temperament.  This is not to say they couldn't decide to dabble in some herding or other discipline and find they have a dog that does quite well for them.  

We will not be subjecting owners and their dogs to 'instinct testing' to see if they make the grade.  We believe the majority of Koolies have a natural instinct and will not penalize a dog because its owner has not got the skill to bring that ability to the fore or because the dog is not in a situation best suited to it being able to work.   

We prefer to assist owners to learn the best methods to nurture that  instinct and to see dog and owner evolve.
Because we accept that some Koolies end up in the wrong place for them, this club supports Australian Koolie Rescue who have an excellent success rate re-homing Koolies who have ended up in the wrong place
If you feel that rehoming a Koolie is for you,search online for Australian Koolie Rescue.