So, you want to buy a koolie

So, you want to buy a koolie, here are some things to consider first.

As we have written over and over again here, koolies are smart, active, intelligent dogs who if not handled well, will either train you to be their slave or will become very unmanageable and even destructive if left to their own devises for prolonged periods.  This must be taken seriously into
consideration before purchase.

Do not purchase a koolie from a Pet Shop.  You do not know the origins of the dog or if it is even only koolie bred.  Cute little pups can be all sorts of crosses and grow into very different dogs.  Koolies have been used by disreputable breeders to cross with such breeds as Great Dane to introduce the merle colouring. Obviously breeders will keep the pup that is most like the Dane at 6 weeks and flog the rest to a pet shop for quick cash.

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