Readers Supplied History Items.

On our history page we have invited the reader to submit to us any thing they think might be relevant to the history of the Koolie for display. Some of it may be up to the readers discretion as to the relevance but it will certainly be interesting to see if anyone can come forward with information to either collaborate or refute what others have found. It is also interesting to see some of the information and photos that might relate to other breeds. Although the future of the Koolie breed is most important, finding more about the history can help us understand what has made this the great breed it is today.

The following information and photos are thanks to Janet Klimpel of Royalla Vale Koolies at Maryborough in Queensland.  Janet was helping to clear a house of a deceased estate when she came across these photos and articles.

Mary Anderson nee Blackman approximately 5 years of age and her sister taken late 1890's early 1900's.

(the colouring is more consistent with a modern Australian Cattle dog, but did they share a common ancestor?  The coat length around the shoulders and neck is similar to some koolies.)

Two collie types taken in 1897

Taken 1873

From a magazine called The Sun Puppy Book printed in 1936.


1920's Kilkivan's dog