Welcome to the Koolie Club

The Koolie Club of Australia Inc. was formed in April 2000, by a small group of Koolie enthusiasts who wished to bring people together who had a common interest, to share knowledge and understanding of a wonderful breed of working dog.  They all knew that Koolies are naturally very talented dogs that do well at any work they are put to from working sheep, goats and cattle on farms and stations, on transports and in sale yards, gently working dairy cows, fronting up to scrub cattle or droving the long paddock.


When they got together they realized what they saw as special traits in their own “great dog” were in fact normal Koolie traits.


Not only are Koolies great at traditional work, they also excel in dog sports such as agility, tracking, trieball and obedience and they are also successfully used in such things as rescue, pets for therapy, quarantine work, explosive detection dogs as well as making great companion dogs in suitable circumstances.


The Koolie Club of Australia Inc. has gone on to promote these talents, to educate potential purchasers of the talents and needs of their Koolies and also to welcome into their membership all who think in a like way and want to share good fellowship while promoting these ideals.

The Koolie Club of Australia Inc. was the first club formed for the breed and is not affiliated in any way to any other group, association or ruling body. This gives us total independence on how we run our club. The club has been set up in a legal and safe manner with a good size committee to manage its affairs openly with regularly reporting to Consumer Affairs as required under rules of incorporation.

If you are interested in the future of the Koolie, like to socialize, with your dog, you are welcome to visit our meetings or become a member,




  and we will celebrate with you!!!!